Incorporation / Annexing

Incorporation / Annexing

Two separate issues that need to be addressed...the right to vote and incorporation


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  • Two separate issues the right to vote and incorporation. Our current laws do not allow our community to incorporate without the approval of cities and townships within a 6-mile radius. Over 100,000 citizens in San Tan Valley remain stagnant as others choose our destiny.  We will be incorporated or annexed, and it's not even our choice! Do you think this is right? I don't! We need to put people in office that will fight to protect that right! Some of our current State Reps have neglected to take a stand for STV because of political reasons! If we don't, as a united community, the decisions for our future will continue to be made by special interest groups and others from outside will. 

    Change is a part of life. We may fight it... but it comes. Our community has grown exponentially! The growth has occurred with little planning over the years. We have congested roads, costly fire and ambulance services that few can afford, and no community parks or public libraries. Very few businesses are attracted to this area because of some of the reasons I have cited. Most of our citizens work outside our community. We need to reverse this trend. I am of the opinion, the closer the government is to the people, the more accountable the government is to the people. That is the problem with a government the distance. For this reason, I'm for weighing in on the pros and cons concerning incorporation. 

    By creating a Broad circle around our area and saying let's incorporate is not the solution. Most cities in Arizona have county pockets.  For instance, where there are rural areas such as farmland and communities that do not want to be incorporated should not be forced to incorporate. Understanding that county pockets are necessary is a crucial piece in planning the next stage of our development. 


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    Tuesday, 26 July 2016
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